Background photo: Claire Newman-Williams


Vicky started acting lessons when she was 7. She took lead roles in school plays and amateur dramatics productions until she started full time training at The Italia Conti Academy at the age of 12. She loved acting lessons at school and always threw herself into exercises and projects.

At the age of 15 she landed a dream acting job in a family sitcom called Genie in The House. This popular series was picked up by Nickelodeon in the UK and was also shown in over 100 Countries worldwide. The show consisted of 3 series, each with 26 episodes. Vicky worked on this project for 5 years! There is a new Genie movie set to film later on this year which she is very excited to get started on.

Vicky was a live presenter on Nickelodeon METV which was a great opportunity as she was able to learn about working with live TV.

She also presented live on stage at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

Vicky's latest role was the part of Joanne in 2 series of the successful comedy drama White Van Man, originally shown on BBC3, and currently showing on BBC1.


Throughout her involvement in TV, Vicky has had a major interest in the process of making a TV show, when she was not required on set, she spent all her spare time in the production offices learning anything she could about that side of the business. She was lucky enough to team up with a very experienced producer who encouraged her interest and involved her in many of his projects, teaching her along the way. Vicky has many on-going projects but the current priority is a TV sitcom that she has been developing, as part of a small team, for 3 years. The show has been commissioned and filming is due to begin in September 2012. Vicky is Junior Producer on this project and has also been asked to direct 3 episodes of her own... which takes her on yet another new path!