Background photo: Claire Newman-Williams


Vicky has had a great interest in Choreography since her school days. She had her first role as choreographer at the age of 11 when she choreographed her school class for the end of year show... things did progress to a more professional level ;) She always got involved in the projects at school and choreographed a musical version of Much Ado About Nothing for a T.I.E school tour.


Vicky has been involved in a family sitcom called Genie in The House since the age of 15. She landed a lead role as an actress, but the producers quickly picked up her gift for dance and choreography. She went on to choreograph 15 episodes of this hit Nickelodeon sitcom using up to 12 dancers at a time. This opportunity was a great step for Vicky as she learned invaluable lessons about working with cameras and choreographing for TV to add to her extensive knowledge of stage productions.

Vicky's next choreography job was a Clarks shoes commercial, she had 4 cool kids to work with and the client and team were very happy with the outcome.

Her most recent choreography job (which is current at the time of writing) is a new musical family sitcom. Vicky is the sole choreographer for the commissioned series filming later this year (2012). This is a dream come true for her and she is really enjoying the project.